This branch deals with administrative affairs of the office. All the appointments,

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Cantt Board High Schools & Colleges aim to provide world-class education

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Provide the medical services to all the Lahore and Walton Cantt employees.

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Welcome to Lahore Cantonment Board

CEO Message

I am delighted to launch official website of Lahore Cantt Board. I am optimistic that this website will benefit the public at large in general and the Tax payers of Lahore Cantonment in particular. Through this communication I also assure the distinguished tax payers that Lahore cantonment is committed to provide basic civic amenities to its residents and the judicious utilisation of the money collected on account of taxes in return. A lot has been done in the past 4-5 years in all spheres but more is required to provide efficient and uninterrupted quality municipal services. I assure that with the dedicated efforts of my team under the kind guidance of President Cantonment Board, Patronage of Commander 4 Corps and the DGML&C an era of prosperity would usher.


Cantonment Board Lahore


  • Lighting streets and other public places
  • Watering streets, public places
  • Cleaning streets, public places and drains, abating nuisances and removing noxious vegetation
  • Regulating offensive, dangerous or obnoxious trades, callings and practices
  • Removing, on the ground of public safety, health or convenience, undesirable obstructions and projections in streets and other public places
  • Securing or removing dangerous buildings and places
  • Acquiring, maintaining, changing and regulating places for the disposal of the dead
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Lahore is undoubtedly ancient. Legend had it that it was founded by Loh, son of Rama, the hero of the Hindu epic, the Ramayana. Some others think that the name means Loh-awar, meaning a "Fort as strong as Iron". It waxed and waned in importance during the Sultanate. Lahore came under Muslim rule in 1206 with Qutub-ud-Din Aibak and reached its glory during the Mughal period.

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Contact Details

Telephone:(+92) (042) 111-042-522

42, Sarwar Road,
Near CMH Hospital,
Lahore Cantt,